Scott Feuer

Scott Feuer

Scott is founder and Senior Principal of Environmental Foresight, Inc. He is a licensed California Landscape Architect and brings extensive design, technical, and leadership experience to his practice.

From the beginning, Scott has had a strong passion to create outdoor spaces for people. At age 8, he and a friend started a landscaping business and continued weekly yard maintenance and installation for 15 years until graduating college. Since selling his landscape maintenance business, Scott has continued working over the last 27 years as landscape architect, urban designer, and planner on a variety of projects throughout North America and abroad.

He appreciates the challenge of residential and commercial projects and values a team oriented approach to design. He enjoys participating in all aspects of the design process and instills management and leadership skills to the company team. His methodical approach to each project allows for the development of efficient and practical solutions to even the most complex multi-disciplinary endeavors.

Kevin Proctor

Kevin Proctor

Kevin is a registered Landscape Architect with over 18 years of experience in a range of landscape project types and climates. As Senior Associate, Kevin manages multi-faceted projects in the commercial, institutional and high-end residential sectors throughout California and abroad. He enjoys the evolution of projects and ushers many jobs from conceptual design through final construction.

Being an artist, Kevin brings a unique blend of aesthetics and technical skill to the projects he is involved with. He is passionate about converting ideas into buildable works and is enlivened by the challenges of problem solving on all scales. Kevin is also engaged in the sustainable advancements of landscape architecture such as rainwater harvesting and the re-use of materials.

In working with governments, developers, consultants, contractors, and many other parties within a given project, Kevin has learned the importance of communication in the success of a project. His experience working with many disciplines on a range of project types has helped to make him a well-rounded leader within the company.


Yang Xu

Yang joins Environmental Foresight, Inc. with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from UC Davis.  His interest in landscape design was encouraged from his childhood experience and daily observations of the natural and built environments. He realized the importance of connecting landscape and architecture and always keeps himself open-minded to new design ideas.

Yang also brings his landscape design/engineering backgrounds to our firm. His experience in landscape design in different settings including schools, parks, trails, public plazas, residential and affordable housing communities, has allowed him to gain new insight in the field of landscape architecture.

Yang enjoys merging his engineering understanding with his landscape architecture skills to compliment the design process.

Jeri Feuer

Jeri Feuer

Jeri joined Environmental Foresight Inc. after working at Levi Strauss and Company for over 20 years with the Creative Services team in Global Brand Marketing.  She brings a great deal of experience in Project Management, Business Operations and Marketing to Environmental Foresight.

She is a graduate from California State University, Chico and has strong ties to the Bay Area where she grew up.

Jeri is a great asset to the team in managing our Business Operations and looks forward to learning more about Landscape Architecture and working with such a talented team of people.