Design Process

Every member of our professional team values their role as client advocate through the design and construction process. We do our best to understand the needs of each homeowner we consult with, the way they would like to use their outdoor space and their unique sense of style.

We work with each client to personalize and customize their garden and are available to assist with the following services:



Our design process is flexible and can accommodate the various needs of our clients. Knowledgeable members of our staff are available to consult on an hourly basis for various design tasks such as planting renovation, advice for smaller project renovation work, outdoor furniture selection, and assistance with material and color selections.


Conceptual Design

At our initial consultation, we will come to your home to talk about your project, get familiar with the site and begin to understand the unique design style of you and your family. Once we have a good sense of the property and how you would like to use your outdoor space, we work to prepare a scaled Landscape Concept Plan that incorporates our design ideas with your needs to create an overall vision. This plan will indicate the spatial relationships of proposed outdoor amenities, layout of different outdoor rooms and general plant massing for initial discussions with you and any applicable City agencies or HOAs. This plan can also aid in general cost projections and determining phases for construction implementation.


Design Development

The Conceptual Design from the initial phase will be developed into more detailed drawings that explore specific hardscape materials, scale and size of various amenities, plant palette, outdoor lighting concepts and other applicable parts of the project that need to be further explored to finalize the design direction. Hand sketches, materials selection and AutoCAD drawings will supplement the communication during this phase and begin to set up the necessary foundation for Construction Documents.


Construction Documents

Construction Documents are a workable set of drawings (blueprints) for contractor bidding and construction. These are the detailed documents that identify all of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the project. These are necessary to provide clear instruction to the contractor on how to cost and build the project. This way of communicating keeps everyone involved on the same page for the vision of the project and describes the creative detail direction to ensure the best looking and highest quality project. The construction document package also acts as the contract between you and the contractor if any miscommunication should occur.


Construction Administration

Our client advocacy can be extended during and after project construction. We can assist our Clients by reviewing the site installation for conformance to the approved plans and providing site specific field adjustments. This service is essential to assure execution of a quality project.

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